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- Understand pro techniques
- Be confident with the interface
- Create your dream projects!

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The most effective way to learn video editing, color correction, visual effects, and more!

INTRODUCTION TO RESOLVE 17 was designed from the ground up to give you the best DaVinci Resolve wisdom in the shortest amount of time.

If you've ever struggled to understand WHY the pros hit a certain button or tweak a slider, you know how frustrating it can be to feel left in the dark.  

In this masterclass, we'll start from the very basics and explain WHY we use certain controls, and how to use them to make AWESOME VIDEOS.

The teaching methods in this class have unlocked the creativity of thousands of students around the world.  If you wont to learn DaVinci Resolve, THIS IS THE PROVEN WAY TO DO IT.

Discover the "WHY"
not just "How"
It can be frustrating to just follow along with a tutorial and not know WHY you're changing a setting. None of that here. We'll explain the big ideas behind every step of the process.

Beginner Friendly
We start from the very basics and explain everything. We won't assume you "Already Know" or skip over any important ideas. We'll hold your hand the whole way.

Learn Pro Techniques
Create projects with industry-standard techniques that show you the smoothest, most professional way to create in Resolve.

Unleash Your Creativity
Learn effects and techniques that pros use to make beautiful videos. Get to know Resolve like the back of your hand, so you can focus on creating!



Darell D.

Casey's training unlocked Resolve for me. I've now published the first of the requisite videos. Two thumbs up, Five Stars, and Thanks to Casey.
Excellent Teacher

Sharon L

Not only the best Davinci training out there – But also one of the best classes in any video editing software. Period.

David L.

By chance I ran into Casey's Youtube and his channel was all about Davinci Resolve. I realized he is the Dojo Master when it comes to Resolve.
No Regrets, Plain and Simple!

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What's in the Training?

Here's some quick stats so you know EXACTLY what you're getting
8 Hours
 Downloadable Video Training
Media & Assets
100+ Lessons
Thoughtfully Organized


Chapter 1: Introduction

Lesson 1A: Welcome

Lesson 1B: What You'll Need

Lesson 1C: How To Use This Training

Lesson 1D: Intro to the Ground Control Training Discord

Chapter 2: Welcome To Resolve

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - Resolve is a complete Post tool

Lesson 1B: CONCEPT - Resolve knowledge translates to & From other apps pretty well.

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - A project flows through the pages from shoot → done.

Chapter 3: Setup And Preferences

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - Project holds everything except media files

Lesson 1B: Setup - Making a new project

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - Project settings vs Preferences

Lesson 2B: Setup - Important Project Settings

Lesson 3A: Setup - Important Preferences

Chapter 4: Media Page

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - Media Page is Where You get Organized

Lesson 1B: Media Page - Interface Tour

Lesson 1C: Media Page Troubleshooting

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - Settings in Files vs Media Pool  

Lesson 2B: Media Page - Import and explore media

Lesson 3A: CONCEPT - Rename and Organize Stuff!

Lesson 3B: Media Page - Getting Organized with Bins and Metadata

Lesson 3C: Bins Troubleshooting

Lesson 4A: CONCEPT - Separate Audio Recordings

Lesson 4B: Media Page - Syncing Audio To Video

Chapter 5: Edit Page

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - Editing is Telling A Story

Lesson 1B: Edit Page - Interface Tour

Lesson 1C: Edit Page Troubleshooting

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - It's helpful to pick up a piece and look at it.

Lesson 2B: Edit Page - Setting Ins and Outs

Lesson 3A: CONCEPT - Timeline is where it all comes together, everything lives there.

Lesson 3B: Edit Page - Adding a New Timeline and adding media in various ways.

Lesson 3C: Rough cut of the scene. 

Lesson 4A: Edit Page - Editing In The Timeline

Lesson 4B: Edit Page - Adjusting the Edit for Story

Lesson 4C: Timeline Troubleshooting

Lesson 5A: CONCEPT - The Inspector.  

Lesson 5B: Edit Page - Adjusting Clips with the Inspector

Lesson 5C: Inspector Troubleshooting 

Lesson 6A: CONCEPT - Audio Clips in the Timeline

Lesson 6B: Edit Page - Adding audio clips, adjusting volume, trimming etc.

Lesson 6C: Audio in Edit Page Troubleshooting

Lesson 7A: CONCEPT - Effects 

Lesson 7B: Edit Page - Adding Effects

Lesson 7C: Effects in Edit Page Troubleshooting

Lesson 8A: CONCEPT - Titles and Generators  

Lesson 8B: Edit Page - Creating Titles and Generators

Chapter 6: Cut Page

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - Cut Page Is For Speed

Lesson 1B: Cut Page - Interface Tour

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - Cut Page Editing

Lesson 2B: Cut Page - Creating A Basic Edit

Lesson 2C: Cut Page Editing Troubleshooting

Lesson 3A: CONCEPT - Multicam Editing is fast, but you need to sync cams

Lesson 3B: Cut Page - Creating Multicam edits.

Lesson 3D: Multicam Troubleshootin

Chapter 7: Fusion Page

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - Compositing

Lesson 1B: Fusion Page - Interface Tour

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - What is a Node?

Lesson 2B: Fusion Page - Some Common Nodes

Lesson 2C: Fusion Nodes Troubleshooting

Lesson 3A: CONCEPT - How Nodes Work Together

Lesson 3B: Fusion Page - A Basic Composite with Nodes

Lesson 4A: CONCEPT - Masks

Lesson 4B: Fusion Page - Limiting Fog

Lesson 4C: Masks Troubleshooting

Lesson 5A: CONCEPT - Combining Shots

Lesson 5B: Fusion Page - Combining two shots

Lesson 5C: Combining Shots Troubleshooting

Chapter 8: Color Page

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - The Color Page

Lesson 1B: Color Page - Interface Tour

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - Color Correction VS Grading

Lesson 2B: Color Page - Adjusting A Single Shot

Lesson 2C: Color Page - Color Scopes

Lesson 3A: CONCEPT - Shots have to match

Lesson 3B: Color Page - Matching two shots together

Lesson 3C: Color Page - Balancing a whole scene.

Lesson 3D: Matching Shots Troubleshooting

Lesson 4A: CONCEPT - Color Affects Story

Lesson 4B: Color Page - Trying Color Looks

Lesson 4C: Color Page - Applying a Look to the Scene

Lesson 4D: Matching Shots Troubleshooting

Lesson 5A: CONCEPT - You can limit any correction to PART of an image

Lesson 5B: Color Page - Windows

Lesson 5C: Color Page - Color Curves

Lesson 5D: Color Page - Day For Night

Chapter 9: Fairlight Page

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - The Fairlight Page

Lesson 1B: Fairlight Page - Interface Tour

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - Everything Makes Sound

Lesson 2B: Fairlight Page - Adding Sound Effects.

Lesson 3A: CONCEPT - Tracks and Busses

Lesson 3B: Fairlight Page - Using Tracks & Busses

Lesson 3C: Tracks Troubleshooting

Lesson 4A: CONCEPT - EQ helps emphasize or quiet aspects of a sound

Lesson 4B: Fairlight Page - EQing audio clips and Tracks

Lesson 5A: CONCEPT - Effects

Lesson 5B: Fairlight Page - Adding effects

Lesson 6A: CONCEPT - Levels

Lesson 6B: Fairlight Page - Sound leveling the scene

Chapter 10: Deliver Page

Lesson 1A: CONCEPT - Rendering

Lesson 1B: Deliver Page - Interface Tour

Lesson 1C: Deliver Page Interface Troubleshooting

Lesson 2A: CONCEPT - Formats And Codecs

Lesson 2B: Deliver Page - Render settings for YT

Lesson 2C: Deliver Page - Render settings for Archive

Lesson 3A: CONCEPT - Timelive Vs Clip Rendering

Lesson 3B: Delivery Page - How to render clips vs entire timeline

Lesson 3C: Delivery Troubleshooting

Chapter 11: Next Steps

Chapter 11: How and What should I learn next?
Hands-On Practical Video Training
Learn the most important aspects of post-production and actually MAKE something in Resolve. Don't just learn where the buttons are, but WHY and WHEN to use them!  Follow along with every step to unlock your creativity!
Learn Essential Concepts
So many tutorials and training courses jump in to tweaking controls without explaining WHY you'd even touch them in the first place! 

We'll dive into the concepts that you'd typically only learn from YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the industry.  We'll walk through the most important aspects of workflow, best practices, and time-saving techniques.
Project Files & Media
Download media to follow along with the lessons and try your own ideas.  Professional footage and sound clips to practice editing, color, visual effects, and audio mixing!
Designed for Resolve 17
Everything in the training is recorded in the Resolve 17, so you can follow along with every button and slider.

Learn Resolve.
Risk-Free for 30 Days

If you don't think this is the BEST course ever, we'll give you a COMPLETE refund. No questions asked.

Introduction To Resolve 17


Understand pro techniques

Be confident with the interface

Create your dream projects