Delight LUTs

$ 19.99
  • Delight LUTs

Delight LUTs

$ 19.99

Delight is a mini Color Grading LUT pack to add subtle filmic style to any project with one click.  Every LUT is designed to make those special moments even more beautiful. Add to any corrected image for that special cinematic feeling.



Delight includes 6 subtle looks to give your footage beautiful style! Works with rec.709 picture styles, or any corrected images.

DELIGHT 1: Subtly enhances saturation and contrast, keeping a warmer feel.

DELIGHT 2: Removes blue tones for a slightly more stylized look.

DELIGHT 3: Warmer tones with higher contrast.

DELIGHT 4: Enhances skin tones with subtle correction.

DELIGHT 5: Adds warm green tones and desaturating highlights.

DELIGHT 6: Soft contrast with a slight sepia tone for a vintage look.

Delight LUTs can be combined with existing GC LUTs or added to graded footage!

That means you can always use them, no matter what shot you got!