Tutorials and resources to help you learn color grading, LUTs, and all of that fun stuff!  Enjoy!


Mini Training: The Reservoir

$ 6.99

The Reservoir is a mini-training course that dives deep into the creative aspects of color grading, grade along with Casey as he improves a shot, bit-by-bit. 

Mini Training: The Waterfall

$ 6.99

The Waterfall explores creating a beautiful, eye-popping color grade in DaVinci Resolve 15. Sit next to Casey as he takes you through the process.

Mini Training: Muzzle Flashes in Fusion

$ 6.99

"Muzzle Flashes In Fusion" is a mini training course exploring some basic compositing techniques in the Fusion tab of DaVinci Resolve 15.


Casey's Youtube Tutorials

Ground Control Founder, Casey Faris, has a TON of color grading available on his Youtube Channel for FREE!!!

Premium Video Training

Our Teachable page has some in-depth color grading and post-production courses to purchase.

The Ultimate LUT guide

An ever-updated web guide that explains ALL THE THINGS about LUTs and how they help with color.