RESOLVE 17 - First Impressions & Cool New Features in DaVinci Resolve 17 Beta

Hey friends, here's my first impressions after playing with the brand new beta of Resolve 17! I'm gonna share with you some of my favorite new additions, but this new version is so full of goodness that I'll have to make more than one video!


Interested in trying out Resolve 17 for yourself? Check out the beta here:

Some of the main take-aways from my first impressions are:

  • Inspector has ALL the info
  • Media pool has new info viewer
  • Preview effects with scrub bar
  • Export timelines
  • Easy video in text masking in the edit page
  • Drag and drop effects
  • Make your own drag and drop effects
  • Magic mask is too magical
  • Color web picker thingy
  • Audio in fusion, yay!
  • Markers travel between page

What are your favorite additions to the new Resolve 17? Comment Below!

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I think resolve 17 has converted me from Avid. 👌


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