Resolve 15 Crash Course: LUT Browser In Depth

Hey everyone! With DaVinci's new Resolve 15 there have been a lot of unique and exciting updates, one of my personal favorites being the LUT Browser. I've talked briefly about it HERE, but I wanted to take a moment to really get into it, showing you guys just exactly how to use it and how awesome it is for us!

So before we get rolling, make sure you have the LUT browser tab open, which is over here:

As you can see there are two sections: the main browser which displays all of our folders; and the viewer, which is where we can preview each LUT.

So right off the bat we can see that just by hovering over a preview of a LUT it will automatically 'add' it to our footage, giving us a look at what we will get once applied. You can even scrub through the footage to make sure the whole shot looks cool. How awesome is that!

When you're ready to apply the LUT, it's as easy as double-clicking it in the preview window and it will be added to the current node that you have selected.

One big burning question that some people might have is: "Well how do I get LUTs into my browser window? I want to use them!" Let's look at how we import LUTs into the browser. The first thing you need to do is go over to the settings cog, which is found at the lower right corner, and it brings up the setings window.

Under the Color Management tab, scroll down about halfway and you'll see a button for Open LUT Folder. This is where Resolve will look for all of your LUTs, SO if you have some LUTs you PURCHASED or got for FREE, make sure to drag them into this folder! 

If you end up dragging some LUTs into the folder, make sure you hit the Update Lists button so Resolve can see any new LUTs you've imported to the folder.

Hit save and your LUTs should now show up in the browser. 

Back to the LUT browser. After you've applied a LUT and you want to go back to preview another one, look what happens:


Your clip looks like it just got washed in a mixture of glow sticks and the Electric Boogaloo. It's crazy town; population Alice in Wonderland. So, if you want to switch the LUT out for another one, be sure to reset the node by right clicking on the node and selecting Reset Node Grade. This will get rid of the LUT.

Now you can go back to the browser and test out other LUTs.

One thing to keep in mind when playing with LUTs: you don't have to stick with the default look! A way to tweak the look of your LUT is to add another node before the clip. Hit Shift-S to add a serial node.

On this node we can make all of our adjustments to the footage like fixing white balance, adding contrast, all those little tweaks that make the footage look good before adding the LUT. 

Keep in mind that there are generally 2 types of LUTs: LOG and Rec.709. LOG LUTs are made to go onto specific camera footage, and the corresponding LUT will 'auto-correct' that footage while adding the style.

Rec.709 is designed to be used on footage that had already been corrected, and just gives subtle enhancements to boost the image. 


Thanks for reading, and if you would like to know more about LUTs, check out Ground Control's Ultimate LUT Guide! Now go color your world! 


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