Resolve 15 Crash Course: 3D Text in Fusion

One of the new fun things we can now do with the inclusion of Fusion in Resolve 15 is some sweet new text! So let's take a look at how we can easily make some slick titles for our projects.

First thing I do is to make a new timeline. From here, open up the Effects Library, located at the top left of the program window.

Under the Tools menu select Generators > Solid Color. This is my preferred method of working, but you can add whatever you want here, this just works for me.

On the new solid color in your timeline, Right-Click on it and select New Compound Clip.

Click Okay and then open up the Fusion Tab. This will open the new clip into Fusion.

First thing I want to do is make a Text3D Node, I can do that by clicking the icon above the timeline. Select the Node and hit '1' on your keyboard to bring it up into the viewer.

On the right-hand side is the inspector, where we can type in our text. We'll just put in '3D Text' for now. 

Now if you're wondering why it isn't showing up on the MediaOut, and it wont hook up, that's because 3D objects need to have a 3D Render Node attached to them.

So click the Renderer 3D button, then link them to MediaOut and voila!

Now go back to your Text Node and scroll down the inspector window to find the Extrusion Depth slider. This will make the the text pop out and actually be 3D!

"But wait, this still looks like crap!" you say in exasperation! Well now, don't get too bummed out, because we haven't added any light to it yet. Select the Renderer3D Node and in the inspector go to Lighting, and check the Enable box.

This will turn your text black, but that's only because it's in 'shadow'.

Head back over to the Effects Library, and under Tools > 3D > Light, add a Directional Light Node

To add this new Light Node to our scene we need to link it with a 3D Merge Node.

From here you want to connect the Text Node to the Merge Node, so it will all look something like this:


Think of it like this: Every 3D thing you have should be merged together (Merge3D Node), and then rendered out in one batch (The Render Node).

Now that we have the text looking okay, let's explore adjusting the light a little bit. Select the Directional Light Node and hit '1' to bring it into the viewer.

In the top right of the viewer you'll find the Rotate button, this will allow you the rotate the light around, changing the way it hits the text. Now we can see the 3D Text in some fancy new light!

Don't be afraid to play around with different Lights, added more than one light, textures, etc.!

Have fun, and keep exploring!



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Hy guys how can I random rotate the letters of a 3D text in fusion please? Thanx


Where’s the Renderer 3D button? “Renderer 3D” doesn’t even show up in the Help menu. Do I need to add it to my tools menu? Is that only in the paid version?


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