Muzzle Flash Gun Effects in Resolve 17

Do you like gun effects? Maybe muzzle flashes are your thing? You're in the right place, my friend, because in this episode we go through my whole process of making some really sharp-looking muzzle flash gun effects in the new Resolve 17!

What's really nice about the new Resolve 17 is that it incorporates Markers and audio into the fusion page, so sync'ing up graphics, like muzzle flashes, is so much easier to do now. 

The Basic list of steps to achieve the muzzle flash is:

  • Align the GFX with the shot
  • Time the effect with the TimeSpeed Node
  • Adjust the GFX blend with your shot (Apply Mode, Blend)
  • Add in some extra light elements to simulate the flash
  • Toss in a bullet casing for good measure

These small extra steps will really help sell the gun shot effect. And with some practice you'll be able to lock down the process in no time!

And don't forget, the tips and tricks outlined in this video can carry on to your other projects! The way we track items, blend things into shots, and adding in details can be used in all manner of ways! Experiment with what you can do!

This kind of stuff is some of my favorite to work on, and I hope you're able to take these concepts of tracking objects, adding in elements, and really getting into the fine-tuning of effects to really sell your shots!

And if you're interested in checking out some of the assets that were used in the video, here's a nice little link to get you started with Action VFX


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