FREE YouTube Editing Mini-Course!

Welcome to our Free YouTube Editing Mini-Course! This is designed to give you an idea of what our main editing course will be like, to help you through the process of making an engaging, well-constructed video of your choice.
In this free editing course we take a look at how to make an unboxing video, going through all the steps from rough edit, to audio, to simple title graphics.


Download the files and work along side us:

Intro 00:00
Import Footage 00:44
Editing: 04:03
Adding Music: 14:30
Audio Mixing: 21:45
Color Correction: 28:53
Adding Title: 34:45

This mini training is done faster than the main training courses, which are made to walk you through every aspect of the edit and how to use all the tools in resolve. So if you're looking for more in-depth training, take a look at our YouTube Training Course!

 Let us know how it went! Did you find it easy? Were some things difficult to follow? Comment below!

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